Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement
It is the mission of The Learning Clinic Country Day School and the Rolling Ridge Residential Program to provide a complete range of services in education and treatment for students and their families.

Our aim is to assist students in meeting their academic goals and preparing for future experiences in educational, vocational, and community settings. Our programs prepare students to live and work as full participants within their communities.

Most important, we aim to help students maintain and improve their relationships with their families, with parents and siblings, and their social interactions and relationships within the larger community

The Learning Clinic offers a friendly, rural setting. Our 300-acre campus includes a farm, barns, and horseback riding ring. Five miles of trails lead around our fly-fishing pond. Our education program is entirely individualized. Teachers and students plan each day and write each objective. Opportunities exist for vocational shadowing and work-study. We use the most effective assessment and teaching tools to make sure that your child learns, because we believe your child is unique and capable.

Our students find challenge and motivation in wilderness camping, canoeing, and hiking. Noncompetitive sports and games, swimming, boating, and biking are part of the daily program. We want students to have fun and increase their self-esteem while practicing new skills.

We offer counseling and testing to help your child meet the challenges of choosing a career or vocation. Our staff includes clinicians who work with parents, teachers, and house parents to identify treatment goals and to measure progress.

TLC provides residential care in a home like setting. Families participate in planning home visits on weekends and holidays. Regular community activities are part of each student’s schedule.


Raymond W. DuCharme, Ph.D. established the Learning Clinic in 1980. Based on his extensive experience in education psychology, research, and diagnosis of adolescent behavioral disorders, Dr. DuCharme envisioned the need for a program that would offer research-based therapeutic education to improve mood, attention, learning – and increase a child’s self-confidence in academic and interpersonal pursuits.

Through his vision, The Learning Clinic was established to provide a fidelity of treatment for young people who are frustrated by not being able to do their best. This curriculum addresses each person’s individual learning style and ability, no matter what the academic, social or emotional issue.

The Learning Clinic was founded from the strong belief that each child must form strong ties with his or her family, school, and community. The school is small, selective and personal, and has evolved into a unique educational community in an intimate environment. Through it’s Day, Extended Day, Residential, and Assisted Living programs, TLC offers every child guidance and nurturance.

Under Dr. DuCharme’s direction the school has achieved the following milestones during the process of becoming the successful program it is today:

First computer curriculum for LD “gifted” students in the United States.
Day and Extend Day Programs first established 1980 – 1985.
Residential Program established 1986.
Transitional Living Program established 1990.
Community Based Living Program established 1994.
As originally established, all TLC programs today are tailored to improve academic and personal success because: Every child can succeed!

Raymond W. DuCharme, Ph.D.
Executive Director