Response to Norwich Bulletin article from TLC’s Head of School – January 2019

LINK to open “TLC Policy on Emergency Response” PDF file

January 2019

Dear Parents and Families,

Many of you may have likely seen a recent story, or stories, in the Norwich Bulletin related to The Learning Clinic, and this news coverage may cause you to have questions. While we are not able to address specific questions related to the case because of confidentiality requirements, we do want you all to feel comfortable reaching out if you have questions or concerns about school policies and procedures.

The laws protecting children and young adults in our care and in our school are put in place for good reason, but our adherence to these policies means that we cannot tell our side of a story. However, we do believe that issues that have been raised in the media recently do not accurately represent TLC and our commitment to the safety and well-being of our students. In light of this, I have attached TLC’s Emergency Response policies for your review, to serve as a reminder/refresher for anyone who has not reviewed them recently. These are among the policies under which our staff are trained and operate and address emergency situations when they arise.

We have provided a safe and nurturing school for about 5,000 students and families for the last 38 years. We take great pride in the responsibility granted to us to help care for, educate, and nurture your children every day. It is not a responsibility we take lightly. Our commitment to their safety, wellbeing and success remains our priority. Our school has a team of trained staff who provide comprehensive services and support to our students while creating personalized programs that address their needs.

We celebrate their skills and achievements, and we could not do that without the support and input from all of you on behalf of your children. We are proud of our long track record of success in helping all students meet their goals and succeed in the community. Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.



LINK to open “TLC Policy on Emergency Response” PDF file