Plan Carefully

Don’t overbook. Avoid attending too many festivities, and allow some cool-down/transition time between events.

  • Limit the festivities to one event per holiday.  Don’t hop from house to house, or plan a big outing the night before a family event. Give your child (and yourself) the maximum amount of de-stressing time surrounding the minimum amount of stressful activities.
  • This may be a disappointment to friends and family members – but you know best — better one successful event than three or four really miserable ones.
  • Organize your schedule with your child’s individual temperament in mind. Each child’s tolerance for stimulation and ability to adapt vary.
  • You know your children better than anyone else does, and you have to make plans that take your child’s needs into account. You know how much sleep your child needs, and how long your child can ride in a car or sit on a plane.  You know what his or her triggers are.  If your son or daughter will struggle the next day if he’s not in bed by 8:00 P.M., plan to leave a relative’s home in time.  If the gathering is at your home, plan to put him in bed on time.