Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Program focuses on integrating music, theater, and technology into a curriculum designed to enhance students’ knowledge and participation. We use state of the art equipment for video and voice recording. We also have several performances throughout the year to showcase students’ talents.

Music Instruction

Music Theory/Composition
This class is available to Overlook or Brooklyn students. The class will explore music notation, keys, rhythms, etc. Students will explore the fundamentals of music and then apply these skills through composition and transcription.
Kevin and Ari
Music Appreciation and History
This class is available to Overlook and Brooklyn students. This class will explore the rich history, genres and cultures of music. Students will review the fundamentals of music, composers, and cultural time periods.

General Music
General music classes are given to Cottage and Meadow’s students. This class explores the basics of music theory, history, genres and styles, etc.

Private lessons are a first come first serve situation. It is highly recommended that students possess their own instruments (as we are limited). Lessons last 30 minutes and meet once per week.


Intro to Acting
This class is an introduction to the practices of acting, including that of character acting, improvisation, spatial relationships, and movement, etc. Students will also explore some of the history of theater. Open to all those new and interested in acting.

Advanced Acting
Prerequisite- Completion of Intro to Acting or permission from Kevin. Students continue development of acting techniques, script analysis, basic playwriting, staging, blocking, etc.

Prerequisite- Completion of Advanced Acting or permission from Kevin. Students will explore the realm of storytelling through script. Students will also bring their scripts to life by directing and organizing their works.

Prerequisite- Completion of Advanced Acting or permission from Kevin. Students will explore the realm of filmmaking. Topics covered will include camera technique, storyboarding, lighting, green screen, editing, etc.

Talent show

Music Ensembles

TLC Concert Choir
Vocal ensemble that is available to any students interested in singing in a group setting. Repertoire includes classic to modern arrangements of unison and two to three part choral pieces.

TLC Orchestra
Instrumental ensemble that consists of instrumentation that ranges from wind, strings and percussion instruments. Prior experience and knowledge of specific instrument is preferred. Lessons for interested students can be arranged by first come first serve basis. Also, rental of instruments can also be explored. (Meets in Performing Arts Shed behind Brooklyn)

TLC Band
Garage Band style ensemble that plays music ranging from classic rock to more modern styles. Students interested must be able and willing to play an instrument or sing.
(Meets in Performing Arts Shed behind Brooklyn)

Applied Arts Program

First Year Students
This program is a third of the Applied Arts Program for Brooklyn Students. Students are given an overview of the different disciplines within the Performing Arts realm. Students explore different technologies for music composition, filmmaking and studio recording.

Ari Explaining music from TLC on Vimeo.

Students who earn credit as first year students are able to pick a specific Performing Arts area, and explore it more in-depth. Students continue to learn technologies that are specific to the areas that they select.