Makerbot 3-D prints for history class

Ashley’s class has been working on a project for their history class in the Applied Arts Building by using the Makerbots to create historical structures. The students each picked a historical structure that represented what they were studying. They worked very hard to replicate the different structures and include as many details as possible. Check out the finished products and what the students had to say about the work they did.


I liked making my Roman Coliseum because it was fun, and it was interesting!It was a cool project because I got to use a 3D printer. The first time we tried to print the Coliseum it did not print right but it was cool to learn about why it didn’t print right. My Roman Coliseum looks pretty good, but because there are so many arches there are little drips of plastic in each arch. The Roman Coliseum was printed on a Makerbot Replicator Z18 which is the newest model. We used Tinkercad to design the Coliseum which was pretty easy to use. I liked the project a lot!


In social studies we were studying Ancient Rome. Then we came up with an idea to pick a landmark in Ancient Rome that’s still around. I decided to pick the aqueducts in Rome because it looked cool to me. It’s a cool project. I thought having my project in the 3D printer was pretty cool. It was awesome making my aqueduct on Tinkercad. It was fun seeing what it could do.
~Max M.


I enjoyed doing this project because it was fun. I also used Tinkercad to design the Liberty Bell and the MakerBot to print it. I chose the Liberty Bell to make because I was interested in it and the history behind it. It was a fun project because I am interested in 3D printing and modeling.


I made this Roman arch with some cool software called Tinkercad. I also used a Makerbot Replicator 2X (a 3D printer) to print the arch. I used boxes, triangles, and another round shape to create the pieces of the arch. THis was cool project to work on.