Country Day School

The academic, residential, and clinical programs are offered to children, adolescents, and young adults ages 5-22. Students and their families participate over the course of a 12-month TLC program. TLC students are actively involved in art, music, and drama. The program also offers young apprentice experiences in our local community from age 14 and older. Competitive employment and opportunities for part-time employment are goals of students in our Continuing Education Program. All programs are personalized and self-paced. Our students combine campus-based supported education with access to community college classes. Our association with QVCC is established since 1980.

The TLC Rolling Ridge Education Program is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education.  The Connecticut Department of Children and Families license the Rolling Ridge Residential Program.

TLC programs are integrated and cohesive all staff are trained in the manualized TLC model for service delivery to student and families.  Staff word as an integrated team that uses evidence-based instruction and treatment.

TLC is designed for capable young people who are frustrated by not being able to do their best. We pay attention to each person’s learning style and ability, no matter what the academic, social, or emotional issue. Our students may have attention deficit, depression, mood or behavior disorders, hyperactivity, or anxiety. Such problems along with Asperger or Tourette’s Syndromes are not the result of poor parenting. Most people do not outgrow their symptoms. Fortunately, education, medicine, and therapy can decrease symptoms. Our programs are tailored to improve academic and personal success. Our students learn how to plan a course of study and review goals every day.

Our curriculum is designed to meet each student’s needs. We use a pragmatic language approach, and most of our students improve both their academic and social skills. We offer small classes for five to eight students.

We believe that small classes are best for our students who need highly individualized programs and a consistent and nurturing structure.

Working at one’s own pace helps each student master skills and learn to succeed. Students do much of their academic work with computers, have tutors when needed, prepare for college entrance, and can learn pre-vocational and vocational skills.

We have a high rate of success; over eighty percent of our students complete our program, graduate, and enter a variety of post-secondary programs including college placement.

The Learning Clinic Country Day School offers research-based therapeutic education to improve mood, attention, and learning. Our goal is to increase each student’s knowledge and self-confidence in academic and interpersonal pursuits. Our curriculum is designed for students with gifted and talented (130-140 IQ) through low average (85-90 IQ) abilities in grades K – 12.

The Visual Arts are an important part of the curriculum at The Learning Clinic. Our studio offerings include 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design studies, drawing and painting, graphic arts and technologies, crafts, and a unit of ceramics. Art classes are offered to all TLC students as part of their academic program. After school art workshops are available to serious artists who want to prepare portfolios and further develop their skills for post high school study.

Our discipline based art education approach includes the creating of art and the use of imagination for self-expression. The aim is to develop a deeper understanding of the role of the arts throughout history and the relevance of art education in the development of higher order thinking skills, problem solving ability, and increased motivation to learn.

Age range 6 – 22
Academic deficiencies – responsive to tutorial
Computer experience and interest
ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Oppositional Behavior, Depression, Anxiety, and Learning Disabilities