Clinical Program

The Learning Clinic’s Clinical Program provides students with a comprehensive therapy program that includes individual, family, and group therapy. Fidelity of treatment is a central focus of the TLC treatment program. To achieve this cohesiveness, clinical interventions are uniformly implemented in all settings: school, residential house, during community activities, and during home visits. Clinicians work closely with teachers, residential staff, and parents to monitor the student’s treatment program, review behavioral data, receive feedback, and ensure consistency. TLC clinicians also have a close working relationship with our on-site consulting psychiatrist to provide concrete feedback on the efficacy of medication interventions. Students are assigned an individual therapist who meets with them weekly, and conducts the family therapy sessions. Throughout the week, students participate in multiple group therapy sessions. These group therapy sessions are skill-focused, to help students learn strategies for developing skills that compete with problem behaviors, and move them forward to achieve identified goals. At the residential houses, students also participate in weekly therapist-led Group Process meetings, to help students identify and problem-solve social interaction difficulties between peers.

TLC offers a two-hour after school workshop activities program that provides the opportunity to practice social skills within the framework of a structured activity. These activities change every five weeks, providing students with the opportunity to practice their social skills in a variety of activities, with different staff and peers.