Applied Arts Program

The Applied Technology Center focuses on incorporating computer applications with art, music, photography, design, animation, robotics, and virtual reality. The aim of the Applied Technology Center is to engage students in creative processes of technical talents and interests. At the Applied Technology Center, teachers, students, and instructors coordinate and collaborate in visual and performing arts.

Each student may access four generations of Makerbot and Cube 3D printers and the entire Adobe Suites software which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere.  These programs give each student experience using software that professional use in a variety of ways including photo editing, graphic design, video editing, green screen production, and music composition.

The Applied Technology curriculum also includes the visual arts component.  This is modules on photography, elements of design, poster making, digital and visual graphics, and architecture.  These options give the students a chance to explore personal interests and gain experience with the various technologies and programs that may lead to careers.