Admissions Process

We have found that admissions proceed smoothly when the following steps are completed in order.

    To begin please send the following to our admissions office:

    • Recent education testing, including a cognitive assessment and review of academic achievement testing
    • Pertinent school records, medical information and current IEP.
    • A psychological evaluation or neuropsychological evaluation.
  1. After reviewing the referral information, if the student is assessed as an appropriate candidate, we will contact you to arrange an interview with parents. Note that we interview the prospective student after steps 1-3 are completed.
  2. Financial responsibilities must be defined as 3rd party, educational, and/or private payment plans.
  3. We interview the student in person or by video.
  4. If we determine that the student is an appropriate candidate for admission, then we will plan an “assessment visit” of 48 hours or more, giving The Learning Clinic and the student an opportunity to assess an appropriate fit. This will be charged at a per diem rate.
  5. The parents will be notified after an assessment of the student’s visit is made by the Admissions Team.
  6. Parents will receive final confirmation from the Admissions Team detailing what needs to accompany an admitted candidate; e.g. day, time, place, personal items, medical authorizations, etc. At this point, a letter of agreement defining financial a payment upon admission.