Admission Guidelines

To begin the referral process, please send the following to the admissions office at:
The Learning Clinic, Inc. – P.O. Box 324 – Brooklyn, CT 06234

• Recent educational testing, including a cognitive assessment and academic achievement testing.
• Pertinent school records, i.e., medical information and current IEP.
• A psychological evaluation or neuro- psychological evaluation.

1. If the student is an appropriate candidate, after reviewing the referral information and speaking with professionals, a member of our admissions team will contact you to arrange a parent visit and interview.

2. Financial arrangements must be defined with respect to 3rd party, educational, and/or private payment plans.

3. After review of parent visit, if appropriate, a student interview is scheduled.

4. There will be a parent notification, after a review of the student’s visit, as to the
following steps.

a. If the student is an appropriate candidate, parents will receive confirmation of
acceptance from the Director of Admissions.

b. A service plan or placement team meeting will be scheduled with all applicable parties (i.e., school district, parents, and TLC staff) to discuss and plan the 30 – 60 day diagnostic period.

5. A letter of agreement defining financial responsibility is necessary. It is our practice to receive a payment schedule upon admission.

It is important these steps be followed in sequence in order for us to provide a family an effective admission process.