From Heather B, Teacher: Look at the TEAMWORK involved in making the biggest snowman I have ever made!! It takes a strong and innovative group of students to build a snowman so BIG!!!! Please do … [Read more...]

AT THE FARM: Nutella Has A Secret For Jeremy – March 2018

From Courtnay L, Farm Manager: … [Read more...]

AT THE FARM: Horses After Last Week’s Storm – March 2018

From Courtnay L, Farm Manager: "At least they didnt mind it..." … [Read more...]

Residential Activities: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New London, CT – March 2018

From Michelle R: … [Read more...]

FLYER: “Puss in Boots”: March 23, 2018 at 6pm

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Tapping the Maple Trees – February 2018

From Doug F, teacher: Again this year, we are tapping the maple trees at Overlook. The Maple Group will be visiting other maple groves to see collecting with both buckets and tubing, which is a more … [Read more...]