Residential Activities: Case of the Mondays – April 2017

From Michelle R, Activities Coordinator: Sometimes after a great weekend it's tough to come to work on a Monday... but not here!! What a beautiful day. We enjoyed more local fishing and a nice … [Read more...]

Residential Activities: Adventure Club Activity Movie – April 2017

From Michelle R, Activities Coordinator: Here is a small movie of some of the things we've done this year. I thought we could forward this to some of the parents. … [Read more...]

Residential Activities: Saturday Events – April 2017

From Michelle R, Activities Coordinator: Hi Everyone Here are the pictures from the Saturday activities. We were able to facilitate two groups thanks to our great staff! Bev and Drew had a … [Read more...]

2017 Golf Membership at Brooklyn Country Club for Students

From Kevin L, Golf Team Manager: It's that time of year again! The plan is the same as last year.  We will golf during  the 2 - 4 sessions and both Summer sessions. Students will have to pay … [Read more...]

Residential Activities: Sunday “Fun-day” – April 2017

From Michelle R, Activities Coordinator: Hi Everyone TLC took full advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend! Sunday brought simultaneous activities. Justin was able to get a group out the … [Read more...]

“Genetic Engineering Is Needed for the Next Generation of Humans” – Senior Research Paper by David W. B. – April 2017

Dr. DuCharme wanted to share David's Senior Research Paper: … [Read more...]

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