School Closing Policy – Inclement Weather

For inquiries regarding the TLC School Closing Policy for Inclement Weather,
please contact Dr. Rob LeGary Jr., Head of School, at (860) 774-5619.

  • If a child’s school district closes and TLC is still open, he or she may still come to TLC if
    there is alternative transportation (e.g., parents). If not, then this will count as an excused
  • If Brooklyn Public Schools close, TLC will also close. This day will be made up either at
    the end of the school year or during other scheduled non-school days (e.g., spring
  • If the child’s school district has a delayed opening, he or she will also have a delayed
    attendance unless there is alternative transportation (e.g., parents).
  • If Brooklyn Public Schools are delayed, TLC will still open at 8:10am. Bus companies
    are responsible to determine the drop off time for students.
  • In the event of early dismissal by TLC due to inclement weather, a child’s bus company
    will be required to adjust their pick-up time for their TLC student.
  • If the bus company calls an early dismissal, then they may pick-up the TLC student at
    that determined time. The bus company is responsible for notifying parents of an early
    dismissal due to inclement weather.