Between the Rivers

Maine wk 1 (3)The Learning Clinic Board and Executive Administration Team have had a wilderness program site and curriculum in various stages of planning for as long as TLC has been in existence. The last several years of effort has seen this goal become a reality.

Property was purchased in Maine, roads have been built, land has been cleared, and TLC has formed an alliance with the State of Maine Department of Forestry. As a result ‘Between the Rivers, Inc.’, the TLC Maine Forest Restoration Project has become a reality.

During the summer of 2006, construction, furnishing, and landscaping for the three initial buildings were completed. TLC now has a wilderness destination and facility and defined core set of initial objectives. TLC also has an approved Forest Management Plan and staff-student activities associated with the forest restoration, habitat development and erosion control projects.

The Maine Campus now includes a new lodge, classroom building, log cabins, and other buildings for staff and students. click on ‘Between the Rivers’ for a Power Point Slide Presentation of our facilities and setting in the North woods of Maine.

The completion of the first phase of this project now affords new opportunities for TLC staff and students to participate in forestry and habitat development projects in the natural beauty of the Maine wilderness.

The 2009 Summer / Fall Programs outlined mark the fulfillment of this vision and the beginning of a new enriching experience for TLC students and staff.

TLC ‘Wilderness’ Experience

The Learning Clinic has a long history of strong reliance on experiential education and experiential modalities of treatment in our work with young people. With the recent development of newly acquired properties in Maine, those opportunities are about to expand with the addition of regular and ongoing access to a unique, challenging, “wilderness” experience.

Our students will have the opportunity to be involved in many activities that they otherwise would not be exposed to and that will challenge them as they expand their repertoire of experiences, problem solving skills and coping skills.

Among those many activities will be canoeing/kayaking, fishing, hiking in new and challenging environments, map and compass work, GPS use, wilderness photography, forestry and wood lot management, wetland management and erosion control, trail planning and construction, and work in conjunction with local artisans and artists.

Drone video of the Between the Rivers property.

The potential for growth is enormous as we take our students out of their comfort zones and provide experiences in a wilderness setting where they can “try on” new behaviors in response to new challenges. The development and expansion of programming opportunities in Maine is an exciting new addition to the work being done with TLC students.

June – August Program
Contact Admissions at 860-774-1036 for more information

  • Habitat Restoration
  • Photography
  • Young Artist Program
  • Wilderness Hiking
  • Canoe – Kayak Trips
  • Tenting in Maine’s North woods

Program Focus

  • Selective Admissions
  • Experienced Staff
  • Interest-based Activities
  • Clinical Support
  • 24 Hour TLC Staff Supervision
  • TLC Acres are adjacent to Public Reserve Lands

Visual Arts Curriculum

The focus of the Visual Art Program in Maine will give students the opportunity to examine and render sunrise and sunset landscapes, village and natural expanse.
Rendered in plain air by drawing, painting, using pastels and/ or mixed media, students will learn to identify various plants and ecosystems through botany drawings and landscape renderings.

Students will create various maps of the locations in Maine by learning to use a compass, read it, and make recordings in illustrated descriptions on paper.

Students will construct art and crafts from nature using natural clay for sculpting and natural resources for wood carving to reflect their experiences in the Maine wilderness.

Nature Photography

Students will document the landscape through a collage of photos learning the difference between Neutral, Active and Passive image making. They will investigate the landscape and processes of environmental art.

Students will work with composition to show micro and macro environments, and work with perspective to show an understanding of different points of view. The results will be recorded in a photo / written journal documenting their feelings and experience in Maine.

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