Applied Arts Program

The Applied Arts Program focuses on incorporating technology into everyday activities.The objective of the Applied Arts Program is to create qualified and productive students for successful short and long-term careers, emphasizing current high technology software and hardware.

DSC_0052The Applied Arts Program will coordinate and collaborate with the Visual Arts and Performing Arts Programs. At the Applied Arts Building we use state of the art technology and computers to teach a variety of skills including 3D modeling, coding, web design, and photography. We have four generations of Makerbot 3D printers and the entire Adobe Suites software which includes Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, and Audition. These programs give our students experience using software that professionals use in a variety of ways including photo editing, graphic design, video editing, use of green screen, and creating music.

We are also introducing students to coding using the using Exploring Computer Science which is a nationally recognized introductory DSC_0151 2college preparatory computer science course. ECS is composed of six foundational units with lessons that are designed to promote an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning foundational concepts in computer science and highlighting the computational practices and problem solving associated with doing computer science.We are also introducing Project Bootstrap and Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) which incorporates the concepts of computer science into Math and Science classes.

The curriculum also includes a visual arts component. This includes units on photography, elements of design, poster making, digital and visual graphics, and architecture. Each of these units works as an introductory model for the students to experience. As the students progress in the Applied Arts program they have the opportunity to focus on specific topics of interest. This gives the students a chance to explore vocational interests as well as gain experience with the various equipment and programs.

The robotics program is designed in three tiers to allow students to grow and experience different levvels of robotics. All students begin work with the Sphero Sprk robots. These gyroscope based robots allow students to see the mechanisms that make the robot work as well as allow students to learn different programming languages such as Oval.

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